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Lobow's SPARK


Looking for inspiration and validation on your mental health journey? This is a podcast about ADHD, by those with ADHD. Lobow and his guests offer support, comfort, and that spark to ignite your full authentic self! We all know that there are struggles that come with our ADHD symptoms, this podcast reveals others’ experiences, tips to overcome those, and a guide to self-acceptance. If you’ve ever wondered if you are broken, Lobow will undoubtably help you see the greatness in yourself and light the fire under your ass to prove to you that you are more important and special than you’ve ever given yourself credit for. He truly believes each and every single one of us are something wonderful, and his goal is that we all step into that so that we can be something for someone. Lobow’s Spark is proudly sponsored by Feather CRM. Also supported by Leo Guinan, Kirk Hoffstrom, Clair Simpson, Sarah Delano, and Terri Shubilla.Want more inspiration and humor from Lobow’s Spark? Join on Patreon! With tiered subscriptions you can tailor your membership to receive all the exclusive content your heart desires… including the epic and informative Lobow’s Spark Reality Show!